Spanish & English literary work by London-based translator and writer Fátima López Sevilla. (http://fatimalopezsevilla.com)

Why HootWriting?

I’ve always loved literature. I’ve always loved reading and I’ve always loved writing. But, though an ambitious person, I know my limits. When reading, they are (as I think it happens to everybody) language and my own taste. If something bores me, I won’t be forcing myself to read it just because it may me look smarter or better in some way.

When writing, my limits can be found somewhere between the third and the fifth page. That’s why I mostly write what in English is known as flash-fiction and in Spanish as ‘micro-relatos’. Sometimes, I dare to go beyond the word number 200 and write short stories.

Until last year, I only wrote in Spanish. I tried a couple of times to write something in English, but those pieces were left to oblivion somewhere in one of my computers’ memory… But since September I’m translating some of these pieces and even got some writing done in English. I’ll try to publish some of them here in a weekly basis, as well as news about my readings. Why September? Because it was when I moved to London and started as a new member of the East Finchley Writers group.

So far, and until next week, I’ll leave you with a TweetStory. The one I sent to the North London Literary Festival, where I am reading next Tuesday.

Because we can get creative even in only 140 characters.

Because we can get creative even in only 140 characters.

And… why ‘HootWriting’? Well, it’s all related to my love for tucos. 😉

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