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Employee of the month

So, as a way to promote a little bit more the blog, I decided to do something really anglo-saxon: the employee of the month. In this case, it would be the story of the month.

This means that every first week of each month the most popular story of that month is going to be the front page of the blog.

Though this month we will be cheating, as the blog is merely a week old.

But the web is around three months old! In these three months, I got visits from all around the world, literally. And the blog too. I was so surprised and I want to thank you all for your visits. I know (or think I do) who most of you are reading from Spain, Peru, Argentina, UK, Ireland or even Belgium. Brazil, I think I do. But…  Poland? Iceland? Uruguay? Canada? Thanks!

The total of visits the web got.

The total of visits the web got. Thank you, world!

Japan! The blog has been read in Japan! I never thought this was possible. Thanks!

Visits to the blog in March 2013.

Visits to the blog in March 2013.

I leave you with the winner of this month: ‘A literary love’.



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