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11 years without Asimov (and a story)

Today, eleven years ago, the great Isaac Asimov left us. This professor is one of the best and most famous authors of science fiction. Being a scientist himself, he published scientific papers and books too, as he wanted science and scientific knowledge to reach everyone.

I have never enjoyed science fiction as much as when I’m reading one of his books of short stories. As a short stories author myself, I must confess that I prefer this ones to his big novels or sagas. But  no one can deny his talent.

I just love his writing and, most of all, the surprising relevance of the subjects and the way he writes about them. His way of thinking is amazingly advanced, as we can see here:

And we can see I do love him on my La Encuadre collaborations, as I wrote a couple of times about him: one for his birthday and the other one, briefly, in reference to Mars.

I have toyed with the idea of writing some Asimov-ish story, and actually has something drafted in my notebook. It’s waiting for some time to be developed, typed and polished, but the idea is there. As is some story about shoes.

Anyways, here is some story that came to me some weeks ago with those other two ideas. Read and I will comment later. I hope you enjoy it.

– Look, ma! That one…

– Which one, darling?

– That one, ma… The red dress with white do…

– But, honey! That’s a…!

– I know, ma…! But I lik…

– Ok, darling… But you know what you’re doing, right? I mean, that’s…

– Crazy? I don’t mind ma, you know… And you know how I hate…

– Yes, darling, but what about that one? Or this one? Don’t you prefer them over… that, honey?

– No! I want, want, want, I like that one!!!

– Ok, stop screaming, now! People are gonna start staring at us…

– But I want that one…

– I know, darling… But… What’s your father gonna say? Imagine!

– But, ma, don’t girls wear T-shirts, too? Why do they have to wear but dresses and pinky and flowery stuff?

– But, honey, you’re a boy’s T-shirt!

One of the biggest problems I have when writing is to give a title to my stories. I’m really bad with names: remembering them and naming stuff and characters. That’s the reason why I always try to avoid characters with a name. And now I like this kind of ambiguity. For me, names bring along a lot, so it’s better that each one name the characters as they prefer.

As for the titles of my stories, I sometimes get to come with a good idea, but mostly I name them after the first line or sentence.

This story came to me after watching this video and after some months working as a shop assistant. Though I think exactly the way the little girl thinks and I always will. I remember wondering why should I wear skirts and dresses if they got tangled up in everything and you had to sit carefully and trying not to show your underwear to everybody. That’s not a comfortable way to sit and read! I love sitting cross-legged, or lying on the couch or the grass or wherever reading, not caring about anyone around me as long as I have my book and/or my music with me.

And so this story came to me, but in a different way: what if mannequins felt the same way as me? Could it be possible that a female mannequin was sick and tired of having to wear ‘pinky and flowery stuff’ all year round? What about those cool T-shirts on the male sections (kids and mens, but the difference is bigger in the kids sections, with horrible tacky pink and full of glitter, flowers and frills stuff for girls and cool comfy T-shirts and trousers for boys)? And could it happen the other way round?

So I started planning how to keep the ambiguity I search in most of my stories, and the mannequins turned into pieces of clothing. I hope you liked it. I think it works pretty well. And is the only one, with ‘A literary love’ written directly in English I am proud of. I can’t wait for your feedback!

And long live Asimov, of course!


The great Asimov on his knowledge throne.
[Image from Google.]


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