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Animal de estudio / Animal subject

This story is maybe more Asimov-ish than the one published four days ago, and I wanted to share it some time ago… Now, I am giving it to you as a ‘thank you’ present for the 40 ‘likes’ on Facebook and the 197 followers on Twitter.

Thank you! And keep spreading the love to the tuco! 😀


¿Por qué me mira así? Parece que me estuviera estudiando… Pobre animal, encerrado en esa especie de urna, tocando botones sin ton ni son, dejándose embobar por las luces y los dibujos de las pantallas… Y encima el pobre tiene que llevar esa ridícula ropa…

Esa ropa y esa actitud es lo que tiene intrigada a Lucy: “¿Por qué hace eso?” me pregunta cada vez que cambia su actitud… No sé responderla, y sigo estudiándole… Mira cómo se rasca esa peluda cabezota…

Porque para mí queda por resolver un enigma aún más importante: ¿dónde va el humano cuando se apagan las luces?


Animal subject

Why does he look at me like that? It seems like he is studying me… Poor animal, shut up in that glass-cage thing, pressing buttons for no reason and without any logical order, captivated by those lights and pictures on the screen… And, on top of that, he has to wear those ridiculous clothes!

Those clothes and that behavior are what get Lucy so intrigued: ‘Why is he doing that?’, she asks me any time he changes into a different task. I don’t know what to answer, so I keep studying him… Look at him scratching that hairy head of his…

Because, truth to be told, I have a more important question to answer to: Where does the human go when the lights go off?




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