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“The end”

It’s been a long time, I know, but holidays and work chaos went in the way of my writing and translation. In this case, here it is the English version of “Fin”, a story posted almost a year ago.

Hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for more stories here and at Entre dos lenguas 😉

‘The end’

She closed the book and sighed. She wrapped herself up a bit tighter under the blanket and caressed the cover while looking through the window. A thin but copious rain followed the snow. Every time she finished a book she felt the same way: peace, a light nostalgic feeling towards something that could be repeated as many times as she liked, thought she knew that it would never be the same, that it would never be as the first time. Maybe that was the reason of that last feeling that she didn’t know exactly how to describe.

She caressed the cover again. She reached for a black marker and wrote on it. She took an envelope from the table beside the sofa. It had an address and the remittent already written on it. She put the book inside the envelope, closed it and left it on the table. She wrapped herself tighter and went to sleep thinking that she had finally achieved her best novel.

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